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When it comes to a good tax preparation company, we are the right company for your situation.

We required no upfront fees and a free refund estimate. Our fees are deducted from your anticipated refund. We have over 18 years of experience in this field of work, which is why we are the rational choice for you. Do not hesitate and choose us to receive a preferred brand-name tax preparation service that will exceed your expectations! Our experience and professional expertise allow us to meet your requirements. With us at your side, your satisfaction is ensured every time. Weather you have an IRS back taxes or owed tax liabilities to the IRS; Undone prior years taxes, we also provide TAX Resolution Services. Our Enrolled Agents, Retained CPA(s) and Tax Attorneys are ready to negotiate on your behalf, including representing you before the IRS. Most CPA(s) and Tax Attorneys charges up to $400 per hour. But we will beat any competitor get the job done. Most taxpayers just do not understand how they get in trouble with IRS, but we have helped get our clients out of trouble with IRS by comprehensive tax planning and consultations. Avoiding getting your taxes done as a result of anticipated tax liabilities with the IRS only exacerbate the problem. Remember, there is no statute of limitation on tax penalties but daily compounding interest which could lead to properties seizure, wage garnishments, and other ugly experiences. so, why run a tab you cannot afford. “A problem shared, is problem halve solved”. We would like to share. We are capable of meeting your demands and are sure to give you the refunds and or tax liability relieve you deserve.

Technically, a new tax professionals with minimum experience is only a tax software data processor who may not find you the taxpayer adequate credits and applicable deductions needed to maximized your tax refund. Our company instead, maintains the same tax professionals yearly with over 15 years of experiences, whose consistent IRS continued education annual federal tax updates knowledge and consistent practices ensure the preparation of excellent tax returns.

Our advantage: We are open all year to serve late filers who want to amend a return or those who may want a second look at their tax return if they think it was done incorrectly or felt that they may have left additional tax refunds money on the table by using an inexperience tax preparer. Note: if the tax practitioner was observed to be anxious or did not engaged you in explaining your options of filing status, anticipated credits or deduction during the tax interview, or calling on a supervisor for help while preparing your tax? maybe you need a second look of your tax return.

Secondly, the tax season in any given year is not actually over until October 31, if you do not, or will not owe a tax liability you can file your taxes at any time during the year. However, April 15 of the year is the official last day for taxpayers who might have a tax liability and need to know what their penalty will be, or when their tax penalty and interest begins, need to file their taxes before the tax deadline. Authoritatively. get a free tax refund estimate with your last pay stub just to have an inclination of what your anticipated refund or penalty is.

We have IRS Enrolled Agents on staff to represent you before the IRS in the event the need arises.

Our objective and motto is as followed:

“No Nonsense, only Accurate Relentless Pursuit of Maximum Refund “

Our service includes free Tax Refund estimate, no upfront tax preparation fees

Refund: As of October 2020, IRS has not provided information on any delay of the start of tax season or refund disbursements. However, there are increases in standard deductions and exemptions for individual taxpayers for 2020 according to the IRS Federal updates. Have question on 2020 updates? Call us at the numbers below.

IRS Licensed Enroll Agent on staff.

Other services includes new business registration, investment consultant services.

Note that we are not an accounting or bookkeeping firm but are in partnership with most of the best there is.

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Opening hours for our main office are Thursday through Sunday 10: a.m. to 8: p.m. Closed on Monday through Wednesday. Home office services are available Monday through Wednesday 9: a.m to 6:p.m. Call the number below for directions.

POWER OF ATTORNEY In order to get you taxes done in your absence click on the(POA) Link.

Include all relevant tax forms: Form W-2(s), Form 1099(s). Form 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement, etc.

We Prepare income tax for all 52 States.